When Life Gives You Snow…

Earlier this year, our part of the midwest was impacted by a snowstorm that wreaked havoc in some towns and made for difficult commutes throughout the area. Those who needed to drive were no doubt on edge as they tried to navigate in the less-than-ideal conditions.

One neighboring community decided to work together to make the situation a little lighter; together the residents, many of whom were most likely working from home because of the pandemic, built more than two dozen snowmen to line their street. Those commuters who drove through were treated to the more pleasant aspects of being dumped on by a mountain of snow. They slowed down, took in the smiling faces and no doubt went on their way feeling a bit lighter and brighter because a neighborhood decided to turn a snowstorm into happy snowmen.

When the story was featured on local news outlets, many drove through that street just to admire the snowmen.

This haiku was born out of that neighborly effort.

When Life Gives You Snow …

Traffic jam frustrates,

until the sight of snowmen.

Slow down now welcome.