Haiku Resolution

I took a break from updating posts because I was trying to catch up with completing last year’s big resolution. I am on track to finish.

Now I’m thinking about resolutions for next year and it occurred to me that I could/should/would commit to posting a haiku every day. I generally compose haiku mentally as I walk or look out of my window, or sometimes an item in a book or on TV will catch my attention and launch me into haiku mode. I will do my best to share at least one each day. Knowing that others can track my progress might make me more conscientious and deliver as promised.

I wrote this as I listened to the rainstorm last night.

The Cleansing Rain

Rain washes the leaves,

and under the canopy

leaves a mud puddle.

Another version of The Cleansing Rain that uses even less syllables, as Kerouac believed western haiku should be formatted, is:


washing leaves

making mud.

I prefer this version. It produces the same image and sentiment with less words and syllables.