On The Lighter Side

Car Wisdom

The other day we got to talking about funny bumper stickers and other words of wisdom we have seen on cars. Here is the cream of the crop.

On an old, beat-up car with rust and different colored doors:

   When the Rapture Comes Can I Have Your Car?

On a fancy, expensive looking car with a logo that’s not Toyota or Honda or Kia or any that I’m familiar with, the license plate reads:


On an ordinary car:

Do You Follow Jesus This Closely?

On a car with a young driver:

   Warning: Mother of Student Driver On Board

On an ordinary looking car:

   My Rear End is Much Closer to You than it Appears

On an older model vehicle:

   Grandma Driving. Start Praying.

On a sports car:

   If You Want a Perfect Body, Please Take the One in My Trunk

On a youthful looking car:

  I Believe in Dragons, Good Men, and Other Fantasy Creatures

On a car driven by a young woman:

   I Think, Therefore I’m Single

On a momish car:

   Be Careful, Accidents Cause People

On a Mini Van

  I Used to be Cool

On a Saturn:

   My Other Ride is Uranus

On an SUV:

   I Brake for Pedestrians. Sometimes.

On an Older Model Car:

   I Brake for People Behind Me