Brain Development

 I learn how to create a blog site

Hello Friend,

The fact that you are reading this means that I was more successful at learning how to set up a blog site than I was in learning how to swim.

One of the items on my bucket list was to create a blog. I plan to share areas of my life or my thoughts and experiences that others might find informative, entertaining, or perhaps even inspiring. I have now checked that item off the list, but have added, Be diligent in updating blog regularly. I have the best of intentions to do just that.

Our local library, Hudson Library & Historical Society, offered free classes each week for four weeks to teach website set-up for those who are interested in conducting online business, and to teach the mechanics of setting up a blogging site for those of us who want to share our experiences with readers everywhere.

The library contracted with a professional website development company, Gigalearn, to provide instruction. The classes were top-notch. Since I have come this far that is confirmation that our instructor was highly efficient, besides being a pillar of patience. She had about twenty-five students under her wing, each at a different level of experience, and with different needs. One visual artist wanted to set up an online gallery to showcase her work. Although this did not apply to what I wanted to do now, I learned useful information that I might need to use at some point.

I believe I was one of the students with the least experience, so if you decide to pursue similar learning know that you stand an excellent chance of succeeding.

The classes were held online because of safety concerns. This is not my favorite method of learning, but it worked well. I also practiced a lot and that helped me improve.

I am excited to have this outlet to share what I have learned, what I do, and my thoughts on various topics. I would love to hear from you also, so please feel free to leave a comment.

I am grateful to both the Hudson Library & Historical Society and my instructor from Gigalearn, Sarah Kepple, for making this possible.

Best wishes to all my classmates in their endeavors!