Medicare Sign-Up

I found the right place to get help

Hello Friend,

At last! I am retired and ready to tackle the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had time for when employed. Perhaps you are like me.

Before the fun starts, however, I had to navigate the complexities of signing up for health insurance. No more HR to make it simpler.

Since I turned sixty-five, I was faced with signing up for Medicare plans. Parts A and B were easy to get because the government did that automatically and mailed me my card, but I had to research Part D (which covers prescriptions), and Medicare Supplemental coverage, or Medigap insurance, as it is sometimes called.

When researching Medicare Supplemental coverage, I read that I had six months upon turning sixty-five when I was guaranteed acceptance and that preexisting conditions could not, and would not, be taken into consideration to be approved. After the initial six months I could be denied Medigap coverage if the insurer so decides. I did not want to take any chances and so I chose a plan and enrolled.

The greatest help I received in choosing a plan was from contacting SHIP for my state. SHIP stands for State Health Insurance Assistance Program and is available in all states. I obtained information on SHIP at this website, by Googling SHIP.

SHIP sent me an email with information on numerous insurers providing coverage in my state, including the prices of their plans. This was much easier than me, on my own, trying to obtain and compare prices online. When I tried to do this nearly every plan wanted my personal information before revealing their prices. I found that to be frustrating.

 I researched plan details and chose the Part D insurer and plan they offer that best fits my needs according to the medications I take. I chose Cigna and signed up online.

Similarly, I signed up online for AARP Medicare Supplemental insurance Plan G with Wellness Extras that includes gym membership and some help with dental and vision costs, and a 24/7 nurse hotline. (For more comprehensive coverage a stand-alone dental plan is also needed). The AARP site can be reached at This plan best fits my needs. Another plan may be better for you. I chose AARP because it is a company I know and trust, and they offer community rated prices, which means that the price is the same for everyone who has that policy regardless of age, and because the cost, though not the lowest, is reasonable. You need to be a member of AARP to sign up for their plans.

Now I can relax and concentrate on more exciting activities.